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We’ve been keeping the heat on with active organizing all across Massachusetts. Some of you have been busy holding education sessions, tabling at local events, handing out literature, researching your city charter process, and most importantly; scoring some wins. Find your town or city below to see the current status and get plugged in! Don’t see your city or town listed below but want to start one? Let us know!

In 2018, Amherst voters approved a new charter that created a Ranked Choice Voting Commission to implement RCV for all town elections. In 2021, the RCV Commission sent a home rule petition to the legislature with the implementation details. Helps us ensure the legislature approves the petition to bring Ranked Choice Voting to Amherst!


In May 2021, Arlington Town Meeting voted overwhelmingly in favor to send a home rule petition to the state legislature to use Ranked Choice Voting for town elections. Email us to learn how you can help make sure the legislature approves the petition!

Contact: Greg Dennis

In November, 2020, Brookline Town Meeting voted overwhelmingly in favor of creating a Ranked Choice Voting Study Committee to study implementation options for adopting RCV for town elections. Due to COVID-era delays, the committee was not formed until 2022, but now its work is progressing quickly.


In May, 2022  Condord Town Meeting overwhelmingly supported Ranked Choice Voting for local elections. Concord voters were thoughtful and supportive throughout the process, and their home rule petition was sent to the state legislature for approval. At the end of the 2022 legislative session, the joint petition (accompanied by House bill, No. 5293) of Tami L. Gouveia and Michael J. Barrett was reported out favorably by the Joint Committee on Election Laws.

Contact: Kate Kavanagh

Contact: Rebecca Downing

In September, 2022, the Somerville Charter Review Committee issued its final report, recommending the formation of a Ranked Choice Voting Implementation Committee to determine how best to implement RCV for Somerville city elections.


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There is active organizing happening in dozens of cities and towns — if you haven’t plugged into your local effort yet, contact us to get started!

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