Used for political elections in 27 states

In the United States

Ranked Choice Voting is used for political elections in 27 states.

  • Alaska and Maine uses RCV statewide for state and federal elections
  • New York City and 29 other cities and counties have enacted RCV for local elections
  • Four states used RCV for presidential primaries in 2020
  • Five states use ranked ballots to allow military and overseas voters to participate in runoff elections

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In Massachusetts

Ranked Choice Voting has a long history in Massachusetts. Today, it is has been used or enacted for local elections in Amherst, Cambridge, and Easthampton, Massachusetts, and is under study in several other communities. In addition, many colleges and universities in Massachusetts use RCV for their student government or alumni elections.

Local Elections

  • Cambridge (since 1942)
  • Amherst (enacted in 2018, implementation in 2021)
  • Easthampton (enacted in 2019, first use in 2021)

Colleges and Universities

  • Clark University (Undergraduate Student Council)
  • Harvard University (Undergraduate Student Council, Graduate Student Council, Graduate Music Forum)
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Undergraduate Association, Graduate Student Council, Alumni Association)
  • Northeastern (Undergraduate Student Government)
  • Tufts University (Undergraduate Community Union)
  • UMass Boston (Undergraduate Student Government)
  • Wellesley College (Academic Council)
  • Williams College (Undergraduate College Council)
  • Worcester Polytechnic Institute (Faculty Committee)

Around the World

A number of governments around the world use RCV to elect members to national, regional, and local offices.

  • Australia (House of Representatives, Senate, state legislatures, local governments)
  • Canada (political party elections, local governments)
  • India (indirect elections to the Rajya Sabha)
  • Ireland (Parliament, European elections, local governments)
  • New Zealand (regional elections, local governments)
  • Malta (Parliament, European elections, local governments)
  • Northern Ireland (National Assembly, European elections, local governments)
  • Papua New Guinea (Parliament)
  • Scotland (local governments)
  • United Kingdom (political party leaders, mayors)

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